Stainless steel motors: the choice for the food and beverage industry

With increasing food safety regulations and more recalls making the headlines, Lafert Electric Motors Australia knows the importance of preventing contamination is a top priority for all manufacturers.

Operating a clean production line has never been more important in the food and beverage sector. Prevention of any contamination offers significant savings in time and money, before even starting to think about the damage a product recall could have on an organisation’s brand and reputation.

Having the ability to clean and service equipment in food production the most effective and easy way is essential and can help prevent the risk of product contamination.

One key area where there is high risk of contamination is in the equipment used in food processing and the need to adhere to high standards of sanitary and hygiene across all aspects of the operation.

This is particularly relevant to the motors used on a food production line as food particles often build up in these areas. The motors need to be hosed down regularly, often using high pressure wash downs, in addition caustic cleaning solutions is often used in the cleaning process.

Depending on the materials used for the motors, this cleaning process can cause a serious issue for the equipment, with cleaning solutions eventually corroding parts of the motor as well as the risk of rust and paint flaking off, often leading to contamination.

To decrease the risks of contamination and create the cleanest environment possible, Lafert Electric Motors Australia, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of electric motors and gearboxes, has developed the Tema motor.

The Tema motor is an innovative new motor that is made of 304 grade or 316 grade stainless steel.

The Tema motor IP67 or IP69K rated can be operated and cleaned in high ambient temperatures, high humidity and with water and steam – making it ideal for the food industry. Stainless steel motors have been widely used in the food and beverage industry in the US, with the rest of the world now starting to recognise the benefits and make the switch.

The Tema motor has a specifically designed construction that avoids the use of through or end shield bolts – this makes the outer surface of the motor completely smooth, allowing for easy and thorough cleaning.

A further advantage of a stainless steel motor is that, unlike cast iron or aluminium motors, it will not corrode when hosed down.

The Tema motor was developed specifically with the food industry in mind by a leading electrical engineer in Perth and the assembly of the motor is completely unique. The design of the Tema motor features the drive end shaft fitted with two oil seals, which prevents any water getting in.

The Tema motor is also interchangeable with any other motor and can be supplied to match SEW Eurodrive dimensions – making the upgrade to Tema stainless steel motors easy.

“The Tema motor is easily one of the market leaders for wash down stainless steel motors,” said Morgan Harrington, general manager, Lafert Electric Motors Australia. “The Tema motor is unique in that it is capable of special customisation designs to suit particular customer requirements.

“The Tema motors have proven to be a wonderful success story for the food processing industry and for Lafert Electric Motors Australia.”

With a customisable design, the Tema motor works well when paired with the HydroMec Stainless Steel IP69K gearbox. The gearbox can be mounted to the Tema motor and as it is also stainless steel, it benefits from many of the advantages in cleanliness and maintenance that the Tema motor does – making the two products a perfect pairing for food processing.

With cleanliness being such a critical part of food manufacturing and production, stainless steel motors offer a significant reduction in the risk of contamination as well as a reduction in equipment replacement costs.

Lafert Electric Motors Australia has more than 50 years’ experience providing customised engineered electric motors, with a special focus on industrial automation, energy saving and renewables. The specialist technical staff can determine what product is needed and offer a wide range of options and information.

Lafert Electric Motors Australia is a force in the electric motor market and is committed to focusing on innovation and energy saving. Having serviced the food processing industry for more than 20 years, the company offers expert knowledge and advice.

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